Server Skills

This is a brief page listing server applications I have worked with.

Application: OS: Description:
Quicklime Streaming Server Mac OS X Server & Mac OS 9.0 I set up Mac OS X, Quicktime Streaming Server, and the Sorenson Broadcaster to do live and static video broadcasts of company wide meetings while working at EDS.
Shoutcast MP3 server Windows 98 Created Highbandwidth MP3 stream from my home machine connected via DSL using Shoutcast so that my roomates and I could listen to our MP3 collection at work!
Apache Webserver Mac OS X Server Created website for Live video broadcasts of company wide meetings while at EDS.
Webstar Webserver/FTP Mac OS 7.5 - 9.0 Managed EDS intranet website and FTP for several weeks using Webstar 3.0 with dynamic content generated by Frontier. Installed and used Webstar and Netcloak while working at Sonoma State.
Macromedia Multiuser Server Windows 98 Built a chat Shockwave movie using Director and run the Macromedia Multiuser Server on my home machine with a DSL connection.



Designed and created website in 1996. The site was an 800+ document website with dynamic content generated by NetCloak. This site has been redesigned since my initial design.

Designed and created in 1997. Set up system to stream audio of keynote addresses.

Designed and created in 1999.


In 1999 I managed EDS's Napa location internal website. No images available. In 1999 I designed and created EDS's internal Quicktime livestreaming company meeting website. No images available.