Synthetic view



In this project I took 3 omnidirectional panoramas from inside Tribunal Plaza in Nice France. I used these 3 panoramas to create a photogrametrically accurate 3D model of the plaza. I then textured the model with the photographs creating a very realistic 3d enviroment that can be explored at a high frame rates in realtime. The entire model of everything in the plaza is 15,000 polygons that can very easily be rendered in realtime on consumer video cards. I spent 4 weeks on this project including the time to photograph, stitch and develop this process.


Panorama Based Modeling PDFRealTime Example


The PDF is more explanation on the Process.

The 2 minute, 12MB Quicktime Movie is a demonstration of real-time interaction with the model on a GeForce3 Video Card and 64MB of video memory. (aquired by just pointing a video camera at my monitor) Higher quality off line renders coming soon.





Synthetic view


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