Reinhard HDR Tonemapping Plugin for HDR Shop

You can see a higher resolution version of this result in QTVR or see how the HDR panorama was made.

This is a free plugin for HDR Shop (also free) that will map the color and brightness values in a 32 bit per channel HDR down to values that you can see on your 8 bit per channel display.

This is plugin is not a commercial product and may not be suitable for commercial production, however Erik Reinhard the author of the algorithm is interested in feedback from photographers so that we can have better tonemapping algorithms in the future. Please email him if you have some useful feeedback.

Download (99k)

How to use

Create a "plugins" directory in the same directory as HDR Shop. If HDR Shop is running quit and restart it. Open your HDR or grab one from Paul Debevec's website. From the Plugins menu pull down to tonemap. Click Execute.

One of the nice features of this is that it tells you how much dynamic range your image had!

If you trying to tonemap a large image HDR Shop will time out before it completes giving you an error "Error, pluggin does not exit when queried for parameters". In this case you can use the plugin as a stand alone command line tool..


Please post any support questions you have under a Reinhard Tonemapping thread on the HDR Shop Board rather than sending me email directly.


This technique was presented by Erik Reinhard at Siggraph 2002. The paper can be found here and was authored by Erik Reinhard, University of Utah, Mike Stark, University of Utah, Peter Shirley, University of Utah, Jim Ferwerda Program of Computer Graphics, Cornell University

Thanks to Greg Zuro for writing the plugin!!

Feature Request for Tonemapping Developers

I would really like to tonemap to specific targets. For instance I would like to take my HDR and target the ICC or ColorSync profile for my printer or a specific hardware so that I can utilize the full range of my HDR and the full range of my display device. I have only found one document discussing color management and HDR but it does not cover tonemapping. If anyone has more links on this subject please sent them to me.