Photo 3D/QTVR hybrid

The following pieces are a unique combination of two existing photo technologies, QTVR and Photo 3D. QuickTime VR gives the user the ablity to explore a point of view in the scene while the photo based 3d transitions provides accurate spacial information about the scene.

Doh! There is still a small problem. The first panorama will apear and you can pan around but you will not be able to click on the next node until the entire movie is downloaded. This is only a problem because there is no visual feedback to let you know it is downloaded. If you wait for the movie to download (about 2.5 minutes over DSL) you will get an arrow icon for your curser when mousing over the cathedral and then the movie will work correctly. I am working on getting some visual feedback into this as soon as possible!

Navigation: click on the image of Notre Dame in the panormas above to fly to the next panorama


What is Photo 3D?

Photo 3D also know as "image based modeling" or "photogrammetric modeling" is a collection of techniques to aquire 3D models from photographs and then project the photographs back onto the models as texture maps resulting in a photorealistic 3D model.

Learn more details of the science and see some incredible examples on Paul Debevec's site.

The pieces on this page are a unique combination of two existing photo technologies, QTVR and Photo 3D. The QTVR provides interactivity and allows the user to explore the image and the Photo 3d provides the user with spacial information about the real space.

I took the photos of Notre Dame (above) in Paris France for a travel website, They requested a "StarWars Trailer" sized movie for thier highbandwidth site.

I took the photos of and created the interactive movie of the San Francisco Museam for Modern Art (MOMA, below) in early 1999.

Be sure to click on the SF MOMAin the image above to fly

to the 2nd panorama.